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Performance of a Microstrip-Fed Patch and Probe-Fed Patch Antenna

Tummalapalli Sridutt, Ramineni Sai Krishna, Kakarla HariKishore, T V Rama Krishna


This paper describes variety of feeding technique applicable to microstrip patch antenna which is one of the important aspects. Probe-fed microstrip patch antennas have always been a popular candidate for a variety of antenna systems. Due to their many salient features, they are well suited for modern wireless communication systems. Details of the antenna simulated results are presented. The probe-fed patch has central frequency 2480 MHz that is about 1% higher than in the experiment [1], the bandwidth of lossless patch is 2.8% (3.1% in the experiment). The microstrip-fed patch has central frequency 2400 MHz that is 2% lower than in the experiment.


Microstrip patch antenna, Feeding Techniques

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