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Dynamic Data Caching for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

N. Sabiyath Fatima, P. Sheik Abdul Khader


The ad hoc networks are multihop networks without a central base station. The remote access of information typically occurs via multihop routing, which can greatly benefit from caching to reduce access latency. Data caching can significantly improve the efficiency of information access in a wireless ad hoc network by reducing the access latency and bandwidth usage. An enhanced distributed greedy algorithm has been proposed in this paper, which is based on the approximation algorithm and can handle mobility of nodes, dynamic data and traffic conditions. The advantage is that it adapts to dynamic traffic conditions and can be easily implemented in an operational network with low communication overheads. The aim is to reduce the bandwidth consumption, the query delay and optimal placement of caches to reduce overall cost of accessing data in the dynamic data environment. Each node carefully chooses data items to cache in its limited memory to minimize the overall access cost. The enhanced distributed greedy algorithm improves the efficiency of the data transfer and access compared to the previous algorithms. The proposed system utilize enhanced distributed greedy algorithm which is capable of managing the dynamic property of data and increases the cache hit ratio. Finally the simulations are carried out using NS-2 to evaluate the performance of the proposed scheme, then it has been compared with DGA and combined approaches of cache schemes.


Access Latency, Caching, Dynamic Data, Query Delay.

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