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Fuzzy based Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation Scheme for OFDMA-PON Wireless Systems

Navjit Kaur, Satbir Singh


An OFDMA-PON communication system works on same channel and signal on which weak or strong signal/data can communicate. Due to the mismatching of channel/signal, loss occurs and it creates problem to throughput of data in the system. Hence, an improvement is required to remove this limitation in OFDMA-PON system. But developing an efficient network due to an issue of subcarrier scalability in these networks is a challenging job, because OFDMA-PON has been considered as the next-level PON to improve the systems performance. An OFDMA-PON system outperforms over all other related systems, but not utilizes dynamic bandwidth allocation. Therefore, this research work proposed a fuzzy based DBA algorithm for OFDMA-PON system to enhance the performance of network. Experiment analysis indicate that the proposed technique significantly provide improve results over existing techniques.


Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access, Passive Optical Networks, Optical Network Unit, Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation, Service Level Agreement, Quality of Service, Class of Service, Optical Line Terminal.

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