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Design and Implementation of Fractal Antenna with Integrated Parallel Line Coupled Band pass Filter for Multiband Applications

P. Ramya, R. S. Valarmathi


A new approach is used to design the printed Band pass Filtering Antenna. Multifunction, multi-use components with design of miniaturization are in considerable demand in wireless communication systems. In these systems, both antennas and filters are usually larger components compared to other components. A single compact module can be designed to provide both the desired filtering and radiating performances. The microstrip parallel line coupled band pass filter with fractal antenna integration approach reduces the integrated antenna system size and the transmission loss between the filter and the antenna and is used in WLAN, Bluetooth and WIMAX. The fractal antennas with integrated parallel line coupled band pass filter are printed on the same layer. The impedance between the antenna and the filter is optimized to improve the performance of the system without restricting it to 50Ω.


Parallel Coupled Line Band Pass Filter, Fractal Antenna, FR4, Radiation Pattern, Multiband.

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