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ATM Security Using Wireless Sensor Networks

P. Aruna, R. Ashwini, R. Hemavathi, K. Lalitha


The Idea of Designing and Implementation of Security Based ATM theft project is born with the observation in our real life incidents happening around us.  This project deals with prevention of ATM theft from robberies and to overcome the drawback found in existing technology in our society. This system uses controller based embedded system to process real time data collected using the vibration sensor. Whenever the thief attempts to break ATM, vibration sensor used here senses the vibration produced from ATM machine and a beep sound will occur from the buzzer also when the thief threatens the person in ATM, the person should enter the pin in reverse order so that DC Motor is used for closing the door of ATM. Servo motor is used to leak the gas inside the ATM to bring the thief into unconscious stage. The status of the ATM will be sent to the bank management and the nearby police station through GSM. This will prevent the robbery and the person involving in robbery can be easily caught. Here, CCS compiler is used to compile the coding and ISP tools are used to implement the idea and results are obtained.


Vibration Sensor, DC Motor, Servo Motor, GSM Technique, CCS Compiler.

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