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Secure Image Steganography Combined with DES Encryption

K. Veeramanikandan, P. Manjamadevi, K. Latha


Keeping in mind the end goal to enhance the security of steganography, this paper concentrated on picture steganography joined with pre-handling of DES encryption. At the point when transmitting the mystery data, firstly, scramble the data expected to cover up by DES encryption is encoded, and after that is composed in the picture through the LSB steganography. Encryption calculation enhances the least coordinating execution between the picture and the qualities of the mystery data to upgrade the opposition to recognition of the picture steganography. The exploratory results demonstrated that the opposition to identification vigor of picture steganography joined with pre-preparing of DES encryption is discovered vastly improved than the way utilizing LSB steganography calculations specifically.


Information Hiding, Steganography, DES Encryption, High Security.

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