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On The Selection of Mobility Optimized Network Topologies for the Zigbee Network

Manpreet Manpreet, Jyoteesh Malhotra


Zigbee Network has potential applications in the field of automation, health care and industry. This network is WPAN based on IEEE 802.15.4 standard having low data rate, low complexity, low cost and low power consumption and long battery life. Zigbee network structure supports both fixed and mobile devices. So in order to achieve reliable and seamless connectivity, robust mobility management is very challenging because of limited size and capabilities of its constituent nodes. This network mainly investigates the effect of mobility on the performance un-interrupted data transfer. The performance evaluation has been done here for cluster tree and cluster mesh topologies in terms of standard QoS parameters like throughput, load and delay. Moreover the effect of mobility has been investigated by varying packet size.


Cluster Tree, Cluster Mesh, Packet Size, Mobile Node, Speed.

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