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Energy Efficient Vertical Handoff Execution by Implementing Dynamic Handoff Technique (DHT-HN) in Heterogeneous Networks

T. Sivakami, Dr.S. Shanmugavel


The requirements of Heterogeneous network are: ubiquitous roaming and users may have access to networks of different access technologies, wide spectrum of services and “always best Connected network. The main requirement of heterogeneous networks is: dynamic effective handoff through the entire network without losing the network lifetime and energy efficiency. In this paper, Dynamic handoff technique (DHT) for heterogeneous Network (DHT-HN) has been proposed for vertical handoff execution phase and also to prolong the network lifetime and connectivity. Most of the existing networks such as sensor, mesh network and ad-hoc network focused on homogeneity and static handoff technique which can be applied only for homogeneous networks and provides low performance. In this paper the impact of heterogeneity and vertical handoff execution process in terms of DHT have been discussed and also compared with existing MIP based dynamic scheme. By implementing Dynamic Handoff Technique in heterogeneous networks, achieves energy savings up to 70% in Heterogeneous networks. Finally the simulation result demonstrates with different network environment and hence this paper achieved throughput by DHT-HN in HN with longer lifetime and more effective data packets in comparison of homogeneous network with the existing protocol.


Energy Aware, DHT-MIP, Dynamic Handoff Technique (DHT- HN)

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