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A New Approach of Designing Microstrip Antenna with Single Element for X-band Applications

Neetirajsinh Chhasatia, Vishal Chauhan, Komal Shah


The performance and advantages of micro strip patch antennas such as low weight, low profile, and low cost made them the perfect choice for communication systems engineers. They have the capability to integrate with microwave circuits and therefore they are very well suited for applications such as cell devices, WLAN applications, navigation systems and many others. Studies on the microstrip antenna array has been conducted with the objective to design, simulate and fabricate the microstrip antenna array operating at 12GHz, Ku band downlink. Microstrip antenna is well known for its low cost, compact and instinctively strong. This papers explores the capability of the microstrip antenna array at a higher frequency for the satellite communication. Specification is defined and the designed antenna should be able to operate with minimum gain of 20dBi, <-10 return loss, 3% to 5% bandwidth with circular polarization. Simulation started with the basic single element antenna in getting the correct geometrical parameters and feeding procedure. Simulation was done step by step prior obtaining the final design of antenna. The final design which is as per the specification was selected for measurement.


Single Element, Microwave Monolithic Integrated Circuits (MMICs), Optoelectronic Integrated Circuits (OEICs), CST, Hybrid Structure, FR4 Board.

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