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Survey on the Various Security Issues Associated with the Internet of Things

Nidhi Kulkarni, Sudha S. Chikkaraddi, N. Sushmitha


The Internet of Things (IoT), is characterized as the system of physical articles—gadgets, vehicles, structures and different things—inserted with hardware, programming, sensors and system availability that empowers these items to gather and trade information. IoT has changed the world as far as mechanization and this is the reason IoT is in incline now a days. IoT empowers heap applications running from smaller scale to full scale and from the paltry to the basic. The usage of IoT has seen a significant growth in the previous years and will continue with a faster rate in the upcoming years. Since the number of devices connected to the Internet is also growing exponentially, more and more information flow takes place. The information may be sensitive such as financial records or personal confidential data. If security in IoT devices is not ensured, then the sensitive information is definitely vulnerable to attacks. Hence it is important to scrutinize the parameters that pose a threat to security in IoT. This paper discusses the broad categorization of the security challenges encountered in IoT and methods adopted to overcome in order to maintain information integrity and privacy.


Security, IoT, Privacy, Sensors, Vulnerability

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