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The Study of Energy Efficient Routing Techniques in Mobile Adhoc Network

N. Suresh, Dr. J. Thirumaran


A Mobile Adhoc Network is a group of independent cell nodes that can keep in touch to one another via radio waves. The cell nodes which are in radio variety of each other can straight be in contact, whereas others want the support of intermediate nodes to route their packets. Every of the nodes has a wireless interface to keep up a correspondence with each and every different. These networks are absolutely dispensed, and may work at any position without the support of any constant infrastructure as entry points or base stations. Giant wi-fi sensor networks that encompass hundreds of that nodes spread over a gigantic geographical field are gaining popularity.

Energy awareness and protocol management is becoming an important aspect in the design of MANET protocols. Seeing that of mobility, it needs the support of scalable routing procedures. These protocols try to bear in mind the path period to be able to appreciate some QoS constraints and to scale down fake neighbor role for route discovery. In the current approach conversation and packet supply ratio decreases when neighbor discovery fails. The proposed ENRDP protocol selects the steady direction to slash the false role and verbal exchange overhead. It selects the stable path, so neighbor discovery failure decreases and there via raises the packet supply ratio and reduces energy consumption, end-to-end lengthen and packet lost. The effectiveness of ENRDP protocol is tested through NS2 stimulation.


MANET, Quality, ENDRP, Packet, Simulation.

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