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Home Surveillance and Monitoring Bot Using WIFI

K. Rakshitha Raj, Priyanka Sridhara, G. C. Sowjanya, S. B. Priya, N. S. Deepashree


Surveillance and monitoring have become very essential for security purpose these days. Residential regions, government groups, business areas, banking, and different outside environments require excessive- cease surveillance structures. In this paper, a new scheme is being proposed referred to as Wi- Fi based home surveillance bot. This gadget gives a real-time live streaming      and monitoring gadget the use of Raspberry Pi with hooked up Wi-Fi connectivity. It also provides detection of fuel leakage to save you any sort of essential hearth chance. further to this, it additionally has the ability to send voice messages which can be played on the desired location.


Raspberry Pi, Node MCU, Firebase, Twilio

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