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Application of Client Server Networking In Wireless Technologies by Using Markov Algorithm and Queueing Petri Nets with the Security of Steganography

V.B. Kirubanand, Dr. S. Palaniammal


This paper focuses on how the wireless technologies such as wibree, wimax, wifi and mobile-fi can be used for application of client server modeling using Queueing Petri net models and markov algorithm with the security of Steganography. Using M/M(1,b)/1 bulk service queueing model , performance of client-server model is been studied and the results obtained are very efficient for implementation. Also waiting time is reduced in this model when compare to other models like M/M/1 and M/M/C. QPNs facilitate the integration of both hardware and software aspects of the system behavior in the improved model. This lends itself very well to modeling distributed component-based systems, such as modern e-business applications(New order, Change order, Order status, Customer status). Simultaneous resource possession, synchronization, blocking and contentions for software resources can be easily modelled by adding the wireless technologies in the systems and by using QPNs. The purpose of stegonagraphy is hiding information; QPNs are very powerful as a performance analysis and prediction tool. By demonstrating the power of QPNs as a modeling paradigm in further fore coming technologies we hope to motivate further research in this area.


Wibree, Wimax, Wifi, Mobile-fi, Queueing network, Petri-nets, Queueing petri-nets, Markov algorithm, Bulk service, Steganography.

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