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A Comparative Study of Unicast, Multicast and Geocast Protocols with CD-P Heuristic for MANET

Cuckoo John Varghese, R. Hema


The Mobile Ad-hoc Network is a wireless mesh
network that is capable of transferring packets within the hosts
connected to the network. It lacks an infrastructure, so it makes the system vulnerable as well as flexible. The self reconfigurable network is built up with nodes that are connected to the wireless links, making the transfer of packets possible in the dynamic topology whereas the
mobile nodes make the route change. The nodes can be rapidly deployed in the network even for the rapidly changing network conditions. The MANETs are implemented in various application scenarios that include military applications, personal networking areas such as laptops, cell phones, civilian environments, conferences,boats, sports stadiums in small aircrafts and so on. Above all these, MANETs are used for the networks that work more effectively in emergency operations such as search and rescue, firefighting etc.
Mobility and multihop are the basic characteristics of the network. There are various protocols supporting the mobile ad hoc networks. This paper shows the comparative study of the unicast, multicast and geocast protocols that is implemented with a heuristic called centre distance priority heuristic, which allows a better scaling on thretransmissions of the packets by providing a priority based queuing system for the hosts inside the network. The geocast system is implemented with the criterion for fixing the zone of relevance that
makes the system much more efficient in transmission of packets. AODV protocol is a reactive protocol implemented in common for all the cases. Different parameters are plotted during simulation, comparing the three protocols on the network and the simulation
results are graphically represented.


Geocast Routing Protocol, Multicast Routing Protocol, Priority, Unicast Routing Protocol, Zone of Relevance.

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