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A Review on Channel Equalization for Software Defined Radio

Nikhil Marriwala, Dr.O.P. Sahu, Sippy Kapoor, Dr. Anil Vohra


We provide a brief overview over the development of software-defined radio system and channel equalization techniques. Software Defined Radio (SDR) is an all new technology being developed in the 21st century. The primary goal of Software Defined Radio is to replace as many analog components and hardwired digital VLSI devices of the transceiver as possible with programmable devices. One of the major practical problems in digital communication systems is channel distortion which causes errors due to Intersymbol Interference (ISI). In order to restore the transmitted sequence and given the observed sequence at the channel output which is accomplished by equalizers. In this paper Nonlinear equalizers, Adaptive equalizers, Fuzzy equalizers, Neural equalizers are underlined. We discuss that which equalizer is best out of these and the reasons for this also proposed.


Adaptive Equalizers, Fuzzy Equalizers, ISI, Neural Equalizers, Nonlinear Equalizers, SDR

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