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A Survey on Mobile and Cloud Computing Security Issues and Challenges

P. K. Sharmiladevi, R. Anitha


GPRS is a relatively new technology that offers a packet based radio service with mobile network which is based on GSM circuit switching. To guarantee the QoS of voice service not being affected by the introduction of GPRS, preemptive priority is applied for voice calls to preempt GPRS data packet. Delivery of data packet from and to the mobile station within its service area. To provide packet mode transmission within the GSM network and interconnects with external packet data network. GPRS is used to wireless data communication. To improve your business performance and provide a successful business services. Limited cell capacity for all users. Lower access speed in reality. No support of GPRS Mobile Terminate Connection for a mobile server. The mobile computing is a wireless and wired data connection. Mobile computing invokes mobile hardware, mobile software and mobile communication. The communications are issues of adhoc network, protocol, infrastructure. The hardware are issues mobile devices and devices component. The software are requirements of mobile applications.


General Packet Radio Service (GPRS), Quality of Services (QoS), Global System for Mobile (GSM).

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