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Intrusion Detection in Wireless Sensor Network Based on Mutual Authentication and Access Control based on ECC

B. Vijaya Nirmala, Dr. S. Jeyanthi


Mobile Ad-hoc network, a wireless network mechanism that sounds enormous in recent years. Its increasing growth and popularity maximize the research and development’s attention towards wireless networks. It forms a network with one another and transfers files by forwarding to the nearby nodes still its reaches the destination.  However, the technology is improved the two most critical challenge still exists are intrusion detection and packet duplication. It will lead to privacy breach and packet duplication will leverage the overall system performance. In this work, several existing works were analyzed and explained the effectiveness of proposed scheme implementation towards de-duplication. We propose the combination of the Misuse Based Detection (MBD) method and Mutual Authentication and Access Control based on the ECC algorithm for overcoming the above-mentioned issues. With the collected information, a threshold value is created and the compare operator implements the threshold value operations. By which the MBD will identify the duplicate packets in the network and the implementation of Mutual Authentication and Access Control based on the ECC algorithm enhance the security level.


MANET, File Transferring, Encryption, Decryption, Intrusion Detection.

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