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A Survey of Big Data: Challenges and Specifications

Uranus Kazemi


Big data is a phrase have been hearing about for a long time, but there are still ambiguities about the true nature of these enlargements. In fact, Big data are the main driving force behind the emergence of new technologies such as artificial intelligence, data, science and the Internet of Things in the age of digital metamorphic. Also, due to the increasing and expanding volume of data transmission in cyberspace and the Internet, especially in the field of banking and e-commerce, the macro data entry problem. The storage of a large amount of data items and management, preprocessing and post processing, and the speed and accuracy of information security are important and attract many researchers and IT professionals. Considering these definitions, decided to have a comprehensive definition of the nature of Big data. So in this article first define the big data, and then look at the challenges and the Specifications and uses of this topic, in the end will draw conclusions in this area.


Big Data, Challenges, Architecture, Specifications, Challenges, Uses.

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