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A Scheduling Algorithm for Coarse Grain Applications with Spry Technique

S. V. Sudha, K. Thanushkodi


Coarse Grain applications require all processes run with a very gross level of synchronization among them. Any collection of concurrent processes that need to communicate or synchronize can benefit from the use of a multiprocessor architecture. This type of application can be achieved from time and space slicing, but the algorithms suffer from fragmentation, where the processors are left idle because jobs cannot be packed with 100% efficiency. This fragmentation results to reduce utilization and poor performance. Spry algorithm concentrates on the above-mentioned problems and the results of the spry algorithm are compared with First Come First Serve. Gang Scheduling and Flexible Co scheduling. Spry Algorithm is implemented with Java thread and the results are compared with the performance metrics like Turn around Time, Mean Response Time, Mean Reaction Time, Mean Slowdown, Mean Utilization and Average waiting time of the Jobs.


Parallel Job Scheduling, Performance Metric, Mean Slowdown.

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