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Convergence of IoT and WBSN for Smart Control of Patients Health

Marziyeh Bahrami, Mohammad Esmaeili


Using the Internet today is called "Internet of Things" been identified amongst the users In Technology "Internet of Things" all objects with a unique Internet address of their Internet connection. According to statistics the number of connected devices is increasing each year, and platforms suitable to use the "Internet of Things" going to be provided. Technology "Internet of Things" and connect the machine to machine communication devices and the data volume handled and stored data are different. "The Internet of Things" have many applications in many different fields, one of its applications in the health field. The rise of low cost, low power transmitter and receiver devices, along with the development of the stack with a compact size and open standards, Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) made it possible for the home and office and industrial control applications have been accepted. Wireless networks are different in physical sensors attached on clothes or body, or even are implanted beneath the skin. Sports wireless sensor network and a wide variety of new applications, practical and innovative so much to improve health care and quality of life has to offer. Increased use of wireless networks and the miniaturization of fixed size means invasive / non-invasive body development of wireless networks (WBANs) has the power. A WBAN, a continuous monitoring of the health of a patient's condition without any restrictions on the normal activities of daily life provides him. Using a WBAN, patient mobility has experienced more physical, and he had to stay in hospital longer. This article discusses the uses and functions of the "The Internet of Things" will be discussed in the health field. As well as challenges in the implementation of the "The Internet of Things" will be fully investigated. The implementation of a system of "The Internet of Things" and health will be completely examined.


The Internet of Things (IOT), Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN), Wireless Body Sensor Networks (WBSNs), Machine to Machine (M2M), Smart Things, Smart Health.

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