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A Study and Design of Encryption Less Protocol using Quantum Bits for Secure Communication in Wireless Network

K. Maharajan, M. JayaLakshmi, Dr.B. Paramasivan, V. SivaKumar


Today‟s wireless network has become one of the most important communication medium. However, providing secure communication for wireless network has become the challenging issues at present days. In present communication system, traditional cryptography was used for secure communication. It has more computational complexity and intruder may easily retrieve the encrypted messages. To overcome this complexity we aim to design a new protocol using quantum bits for enhancing the security. Quantum mechanics defines structure and behavior of quantum bits (i.e.) often called Qubits and it is thousand times faster than traditional one. A traditional computer system uses two bits 0 (or) 1. In quantum system uses Qubits that is normally represented mathematically by vectors such as |0>, |1> as two states, and four bases |H>, |V>, |R>, |L>. By this quantum cryptography method two parties may generate secret cryptographic key known as checkbits which are generated using static quantum channel. Two channels namely public and hidden channels are used to transfer data through secured mode without encryption. By using hidden channel concept in quantum mechanics, secure transmission of data without encryption can be done.


Quantum Mechanics, Quantum Bits, Check Bits, Public Channel, Hidden Channel,

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