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Improved Grover’s Searching Algorithm for Efficient Routing Design in MANETS

V. Rekha, J. Nandhini, M. Subahanal Nuzrath


In Mobile Ad-hoc Networks (MANETs), routing protocols directly affect various indices of network Quality of Service (QoS), so they play an important role in network performance. To address the drawbacks associated with traditional routing protocols in MANETs, such as poor anti-fading performance and slow convergence rate, for basic Dynamic Source Routing (DSR), propose a new routing model based on improved Grover’s searching algorithm. In this paper, a hybrid approach that combines quantum walks with Grover search is proposed so that the search is accelerated and optimum is found with fewer numbers of iterations. By taking advantage of quantum tunneling effect, local barriers are overcome and better threshold values can be found, especially at the early stage of search process. The new algorithm based on the formalism of continuous-time quantum walk is demonstrated. With this new routing model, each node maintains a node vector function, and all the nodes can obtain a node probability vector using improved Grover’s algorithm, and then select an optimal routing according to node probability. Simulation results show that compared with DSR, this new routing protocol can effectively extend the network lifetime, as well as reduce the network delay and the number of routing hops. The results between the new algorithm and the state-of-the-art Grover search method are also compared.


Improved Grover’s Searching, Dynamic Source Routing, Quality of Service, Fading Channel, Node Probability

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