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A Secure Authentication Method using Acknowledgment-based IDS for MANET

Dr. G. Komarasamy, G. Gowthaman


Mobile Ad hoc Network (MANET) has been pervasive in many applications, including some procedures such as security in critical applications has been a major threats in MANETs. This exceptional characteristics of MANETs, anticipation methodologies lonely cannot able to be secure the data. In this circumstance secure acknowledgment of each data should have a defensive force before the attackers violate the system. The mechanism of Intrusion Detection System (IDS) is normally used to protect the wireless networks for security purposes in MANETs. In case of MANETs, intrusion detection system is favored since the first day of their invention. Communication is restricted to the transmitters within a radio frequency range. Owing to the superior technology that reduces the cost of infrastructure services to gain more importance in autonomous topology of mobile nodes. A novel IDS, EAACK is mainly a secure authentication method using acknowledgment for MANETs to transmit packets in mobility nodes. In this case, out of range in mobile nodes cases security issues while transmitting data from source to destination nodes. This results that the communication of each mobility nodes take place in radio frequency range and the out of range in communication leads the parties to relay data transmissions to reach the destination node.



Enhanced Adaptive Acknowledgement (EAACK), Hybrid Cryptographic Key Exchange Algorithm, Digital Signature

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