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A Review of Para-Virtualized Environment for Data Storage Management

Ketan M. Parmar, Aspriha R. Das


Any organization`s main concern is how to manage data. In early 1960`s to 1970`s floppies were used to store the data. So network storage become popular. Earlier organizations used client server mechanism to exchange data and for communication. In client server mechanism organizations requires more devises to perform any operations like data sharing, networking, server management and so on. This problem can overcome by virtualization. Virtualization was introduced by taking advantages from both centralized and decentralized mechanism. Virtualization is the mechanism by which organization can reduce physical resources which is affected to budget and cost also. So, many organizations using virtualization`s concept today. Virtualization can be categorized in many parts as per organizations but majorly in two parts: Full virtualization and Para-Virtualization. In this review we analyze Para-virtualized environments for data storage management and compared it with different kind of virtualization.


Data Storage Management, Virtualization, Hypervisor, Xen.

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