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A Review on the Impact of Nash Equilibrium in the Performance of Overlay Networks

S. Nandhini, S. Prayla Shyry, S. Emalda Roslin, N. M. Nandhitha, V. Ramachandran


Nash Equilibrium is the well known game theory approach that is used extensively for solving the instability problems. Overlay networks are the proper choice for reducing the packet drops due to link failures. However there is an unsolved instability in these networks due to lack of proper communication between the nodes in the network. Once this instability problem in overlay networks is solved, it can overcome all the disadvantages as predicted theoretically and offers itself as a false proof choice for networking. This paper provides an intensive survey on the application of Nash Equilibrium to stabilize overlay nodes with different routing techniques.


-Nash Equilibrium, Overlay Network, Latency, Network Cost.

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