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Intuitionistic Fuzzy Cosmall Submodules

Poonam Kumar Sharma, Gagandeep Kaur


Let M be an R- module, A and B are intuitionistic fuzzy submodules of M with   A Í B. Then A is called an    intuitionistic fuzzy cosmall submodule of B in M if B / A << IF M /A (= W (M) / A*).  In this paper an attempt has been to study intuitionistic fuzzy cosmall submodules and investigate various properties of such intuitionistic fuzzy submodules. The notion of an intuitionistic fuzzy hollow module is also introduce and a relationship of this with the intuitionistic fuzzy indecomposable module and the factor module are established.


Intuitionistic Fuzzy Small (Essential) Submodule, Intuitionistic Fuzzy Indecomposable Module, Intuitionistic Fuzzy Cosmall Submodule.

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