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        The Aim of Journal Fuzzy System gives research works in the theory and applications of fuzzy. It expanded so as to account for all facets of the field while emphasizing its specificity as bridging the gap between the flexibility of human representations and the precision and clarity of mathematical or computerized representations, be they numerical or symbolic.


       The scope of the journal includes developing technologies in Mathematics, Technology Management, Artificial Intelligence, Control, Robotics, Decision Making, Finance and Management, Information Systems, Operations Research, Pattern Recognition, Soft Computing, Uncertainty Modeling.

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Vol 10, No 3 (2018)

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Table of Contents


Sentiment Analysis On Twitter Using Dynamic Fuzzy Approach PDF
S. Indhu, S. R. Lavanya 53-56
A Hybrid Fuzzy C-Means Clustering with Artificial Fish Swarm Algorithm Optimization for Data Mining with Cascade RMC-FSVM PDF
A. Shanmugapriya, Dr. N. Tajunisha 57-63
Wireless Robot Interaction Based On Gesture Identification PDF
Hardik Modi, Vaibhav Joshi, Vir Soni, Neel Kansara, Himanshu Patel 64-67
Fingerprint Based Vehicle Ignition System PDF
Himanshu Patel, Hardik Modi 68-72

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