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A Concise Review of Digital Audio Watermarking Techniques

Mangal V. Patil, Dr. J. S. Chitode


Recently, Various techniques have been developed for embedding information in digital audio signal for multimedia applications such as copyright protection, content authentication, broadcast monitoring, etc. This paper deals with the concise review of the various digital audio watermarking techniques for the purpose of copyright protection. The main purpose of this paper is to provide appropriate background to audio watermarking methods including its properties, some aspects of its applications & the analysis of different techniques for developing new digital watermarking techniques for audio. The comparison of different techniques has been done on the basis of signal to noise ratio(SNR),type of watermark used & robustness against common signal processing attacks, such as resampling, low pass filtering, D/A-A/D conversion, requantization, noise addition, etc.


Audio Watermarking, Copyright Protection, Digital Rights Management (DRM), Robustness.

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