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A Novel Hilbert Fractal Antenna for ISM Band Applications and Military Communications

S. Deivanai, K. Ram Prakash


To meet the growing demand for bandwidth in communication, different antennas have to be designed. This paper deals with the design of Hilbert fractal patch antenna for ISM band and wireless sensor network applications. The first structure is CPW feed and the second one has modified ground plane. The dimension of the substrate is 18mm×16.5mm.The first antenna resonates at 1.44 GHz and 3.03 GHz. The bandwidths are 200 MHz and 190 MHz. The return loss is -23 db and -15 db respectively. The electric field is 5.3 db. The second structure with modified ground plane resonates at 7.96 GHz and has a bandwidth of 1.67 GHz. The return loss is -28 db at 7.96 GHz. The Electric field is 16.4 db.   


Hilbert; Fractal, ISM, CPW

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