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A Survey on IOT based Unified Approach for Women Security

Ankit Kumar, Ashutosh Kumar, GK. Prithvi, Soundarya V Yadav, Dr. P. M. Rekha


Violence against women is one of the key issues in the current global climate. Women have always been   the most vulnerable species and ergo tends to be easily threatened. There is therefore a need for a safety system   that assists in combating crimes against women. So the new system is built using IOT technology that includes Raspberry pi board, pi camera, UDM sensor. In addition to using Pi board and camera, it uses many pi board connected devices that provide more accurate results than any of the more widely available devices. When the sensor exceeds the limit, the device alerts the people in the victim’s vicinity using a buzzer and speaker. Using the GSM module, an alert message from the victim is sent to the contacts. This device provides a quick response to those at risk .To overcome crime against women this safety device offers a great deal by providing security by all means.


IOT, Raspberry Pi, Pi Camera, UDM Sensor.

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