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A Modular DC/DC Converter for HVDC Utility Grid

S. Chandraprakash, T. Karuppusamy, U. K. Gowri Shankar, P. Kamalakannan


The growth of a nation requires increased consumption of energy, particularly electrical energy this has led to increase in the generation and transmission facilities to meet the increasing demand. Remote generation and system interconnections leads to a search for efficient power transmission at increasing power levels. The increase in voltage levels is not always feasible. The problems of AC transmission particularly in long distance, has led to the development of DC Transmission. In order to overcome this problem implementing the Modular DC/DC converter system for HVDC utility grid. A modular DC/DC conversion system with converters and step-up transformer for output energy which is integrated into HVDC grids. The conversion system consists of two power stages, with SEPIC converter as the first stage and a step-up transformer as the second stage.  This configurations have been developed in order to achieve the system efficiency. An overview of the main HVDC system that can be used for utility grid connected system. For reducing man power the automatic monitoring scheme is implemented by using IOT we can view it in wireless device. By using this conversion we can easily generate the HVDC grid voltage from a small amount of DC through various applications. In this system we use transformer for step-up and the isolation purpose for protection of the converters.


DC-Direct Current, HVDC-High Voltage Direct Current, PIC – Programmable Interrupt Controller, SEPIC-Single Ended Primary Inductor Capacitor, AC-Alternating Current.

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