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Semantic-Based Web Mining Under the Framework of Agent

Usha Venna, K. Syama Sundara Rao


To make automatic service discovery possible, we need to add semantics to the Web service. A semantic-based Web mining is mentioned by many people in order to improve Web service levels and address the existing Web services requested by the people. The backbone of this solution is clearly the UDDI (private) registry. Earlier for web mining service they use WSDL-S approach, which had undergone many semantic problems. Since WSDL-S is a light weight solution approach it fails in reaching the efficiency levels of web mining service. To overcome this issue I am proposing a new solution by using OWL-S upper ontologies, which is a full solution for achieving an efficient web mining service. A matching algorithm is designed in OWL-S approach which specifies the semantic matching between a service request and a service description which does Semantic-based Web data mining by combining the semantic Web and Web mining. Software that implements a given matching algorithm is called a matchmaking engine. Practical implementation of this OWL-S approach in Semantic Web makes Web mining easier to achieve, but also can improve the effectiveness of Web mining. Here I am giving knowledge about semantic web and web mining. Finally I propose to build a semantic-based Web mining model under the framework of the Agent.


Semantic Web, Semantic based Web Data Mining, Comparison.

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