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A Collaborative Problem-Solving Framework of Grid Computing for Mobile Devices

N. Murali, K. Kumaran


The explosive growth in the number of mobile devices such as Internet-enabled cellular phones, wireless handheld devices, wireless laptops, and tablet PCs has driven the corresponding growth in applications for mobile computing. These applications usually belong to one of two classes: collaborative applications and individual application. While collaborative applications require several mobile devices to work together and include peer-to- peer computing and grid computing, individual applications are local to the mobile device and its user. In this paper, we present a framework that allows mobile devices to collaboratively work on a computationally-expensive problem. Such a problem is decomposed into smaller tasks and distributed across other mobile devices willing to share their computational power with others. This framework is based on the paradigm of grid computing applied to the domain of wireless mobile devices. This paper presents our current implementation of the framework architecture and simulation of its functionality. Also, we focus on the issues of mobility, QoS and network stability and their effect on the performance of our collaborative problem-solving framework.


Grid Architecture, Wireless Network, Mobile Devices

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