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Automatic Image Classification Using SVM Classifier

R.I. Minu, Dr.K.K. Thyagharajan


In this world of fast computing, automation plays an important role. In image retrieval technique automation is a great quest. Giving an image as a query and retrieving relevant images is a challenging research area. If we go for automation we are in need of an automatic learning technique to predicate the result. So in this paper we are proposing a design of automatic image classification. For the concept of classification here we are using Support Vector Machine classifier, a semi-unsupervised learning technique to classify the images automatically without any manual work. The attribute used for classification are the low level feature such as color and texture of an image. To extract the feature from an image here we use the standardized MPEG7‟s color and texture descriptor, with which we create a 34 byte DCE Chuck which is used to classify the Images.


Image Retrieval, MPEG 7, DCD, EHD, SVM

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