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A Survey on Text Mining using Machine Learning Techniques

B Hemalatha, M Sorana Mageswarai


Text mining generally refers to the process of extracting valuable information from unstructured data. Web is a huge collection of business data where e- commerce needs a major analysis on the data in areas like customer satisfaction using product review, to promote business. Health care industry, Bank sectors to sanction loan, Government agencies to analyze the civil related issues, Research related literary works, Education, primary health care, Women empowerment, Child care, Automobile, transport, Road accident analysis, Air ways etc., finds a major need of data analysis through text mining techniques. Machine learning methods used for Classification helps a lot in text mining approaches to arrive at a desired result. User needs are satisfied with increased accuracies. In this survey, we analyze the various Text mining methods and techniques used by recent researches applied in different text mining applications.


Data mining, Machine Learning Algorithms, Text Mining, Text Mining Techniques, Text Mining Applications.

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