Vol 3, No 10 (2011)

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A Novel Approach for Fusion of Multimodality Medical Images PDF
Dolly Garg, Pankaj Bhambri 576-580
RIQ-FSP Model for Face Recognition PDF
S.A. Naqvi, Waqas Rehan, F.M. Zafar 581-584
Tamilnadu Number Plate Identification and Character Segmentation PDF
B. Febin Abraham, B. Gifston Daniel 585-589
Algorithms and Intelligent Sensors Technique for Fusion Processing to Find Fault Sensor Localization in Approximate Agreement Method PDF
L. Mary Immaculate Sheela 590-594
A Fragile Watermarking Algorithm for Strict Image Authentication in the Wavelet Domain PDF
U.M. Gokhale, Y.V. Joshi 595-599
Multiscale Approach for Multiple Sclerosis Lesion in Multichannel MRI PDF
S. Thivya, Dr.G. Wiselin Jiji 600-605
A Novel Approach for Texture Analysis Using Local Binary Pattern for Face Recognition PDF
Sonal R. Ahirrao, D.S. Bormane 606-610
Ground Plane Estimation for Robot Navigation Using Homography PDF
Shivali Saxena, Ajay Mittal 611-614
Manual Registration of 2D Abdominal CT Pre Contrast and Post Contrast Images Having Lesions PDF
Asmita A. Moghe, Dr. Jyoti Singhai, Dr.S.C. Shrivastava 615-619
A Non Adaptive Scheme for Removal of Image Noises and Its Artifact PDF
K. Vasanth, S. Karthik 620-629
Multi Focus Image Fusion Using Discrete Wavelet Transform PDF
P.S. Gomathi, B. Kannan, Dr.B. Kalaavathi 630-635
Modified FFT Algorithm and its Application in Digital Image Processing System PDF
J. Muralidharan, S. Premalatha 636-643
Contourlet Based Digital Image Watermarking PDF
P. Vetrivelan, Dr. A. Kandaswamy 644-650

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