Vol 7, No 3 (2015)

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Safety Monitoring System for Coal Mine Workers using Different Sensors PDF
M. Lavanya, S. Chellaganesghavalli 61-65
A Speech Recognition Based Industrial Device Control Using ZIGBEE PDF
D. Jensi Dhanakiruba, M. Marudhupandian 66-67
Investigation on the Optical and Structural Properties of Thermally Evaporated Tin Selenide Thin Films for Phase Change Memory Application PDF
S. Sajitha, I. Abarna 68-70
RF Based Trains Accident Security PDF
A. Sakthipriya, M. Sobika, D. Sindhu 71-73
Simulation of Nanoscale INSB Based HEMT Device for Low Power and High Frequency Applications PDF
A. Ashok Kumar, Dr. S. Baskaran 74-77
Advanced Graphene DEPFET Detector to Improve the Response in Pulse Mode PDF
D. Godfrey, Dr.N. Mohan Kumar 78-81
An Efficient Approach to Designing Low Power Reversible Parallel Binary Adder/Subtractor PDF
D. Keerthika, R. Sowndarya, K. Vignesh, R. Sindhuja 82-86
Wearable Computing - Women Become Warriors by Wearing This Watch PDF
S. Abirami, K. Anusha Devi, S. Ananthi, R. Deepika, S. Gayathrri, A. Kokila Vani 87-89
Nanotechnology Replacement of Heart Bypass Surgery by Using Nanorobots PDF
B. Sathyapriya, S. Swathika, S. Ponnusamy, M. Divya 90-93

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