Vol 6, No 7 (2014)

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Privacy Protection Using Encrypted Images PDF
Dr.B. Raveendranadh Singh, M. Sangeetha, Addula Sandhya 175-178
A General K-Mean Clustering Algorithm Based On Constrained Dynamic Time Warping Distance Measure PDF
V.K. Bhuvaneswari, Dr. V. Anuratha 179-181
Identifying Outliers in Datasets Using Outlier Removal Clustering (ORC) Algorithm PDF
N. Nirmaladevi, R. Suresh Kumar 182-185
An Efficient T-Score Ranking for Microarray Gene Selection PDF
Dr.V. Anuratha, P. Ramya 186-188
Performance Analysis of Healthy Diet Recommendation System using Web Data Mining PDF
N. Nirmaladevi, R. Suresh Kumar 189-191
A Survey on Microarray Gene Expression Cancer Diagnosis PDF
N. Shyamala, K. Vijayakumar 192-195

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