Vol 4, No 8 (2012)

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Real Time Hand Gesture Recognition PDF
A. A. Randive, H.B. Mali, S.D. Lokhande 334-338
Biometric Authentication System using Fingerprint Identification PDF
Anjali Diwan, Bhargav Ravat 339-343
Real Time Drowsiness Detection of an Operator PDF
Ajita A. Patil, Dr.S.D. Lokhande 344-347
Absolute Pupil and Iris Segmentation using Reverse Function PDF
R.P. Ramkumar, Dr.S. Arumugam 348-354
Biometric based Network Video Security System with RSA Implementation PDF
K. Sasi Rekha, C. Immaculate Mary 355-360
Voting through Mobile using Biometric Template with Integration of Spatial Cloud Computing and Data Hiding Security PDF
D. Karthikeyan, P. Arunkumar 361-368
Real Time Non-Invasive Iris Image Analysis for Pulmonary Disease Identification and Corrective Measure of Iridology PDF
K. Sivasankar 369-375
Estimation of Clinical Parameters from Non-Invasive Radial Arterial Pulse Pressure Wave Analysis PDF
Sakshi Bansal, R.P. Sanghamitraa, Saurav Pratap Singh, Deepa Prabhu, K. Mohanavelu, Dr V C. Padaki 376-382
High Secure Biometric Cipher Application for Online Ballots PDF
Prabha Susy Mammen, S. Ramamoorthy 383-386
An Efficient Genome Sequence Function Prediction using LDPC Decoding Algorithm PDF
A. Anand, Dr.P. Senthil Kumar, K. Padmapriya 387-390
A Health Tool for Retrieval of Information from Medical Records PDF
Sophia Rajakumar 391-395
Predicting the Susceptibility of Osteoporosis Using Classification Techniques PDF
B. Priyadharshini, K. Vijayakumar 396-399

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