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An Analysis of SPI Security Issues for Cloud Computing

V. Rajasekaran, M. Suganya


Implementing cloud computing in an venture infrastructure bring significant security concerns. Successful deploying  of cloud computing in an enterprise requires proper planning and understanding of emerging risks, threats, vulnerabilities, and possible countermeasures .Cloud Computing is efficient in cost, flexible and proven delivery platform for providing consumer IT services or business over the Internet. Still, cloud Computing presents an additional level of risk because essential services are often outsourced to a third party, which makes it harder to maintain support data and service availability ,data security and privacy and demonstrate its compliance. It leverages have  many technologies (Web 2.0,SOA,virtualization); it also inherits their security issues, identifying the Major vulnerabilities in this kind of systems and the most important threats found in the literature related to Cloud Computing and its environment as well as to identify and relate  the vulnerabilities with threats and also to give  possible countermeasures for that.


Cloud Computing, Vulnerabilities, Security, Threats

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