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Real Time Drowsiness Detection of an Operator

Ajita A. Patil, Dr.S.D. Lokhande


In today’s fast lifestyle Safety of a human being is a major issue. The need to develop system model is because of the security issues of human being and improvement in automobile industry. The research report shows that Drowsiness leads to severe loss of health and wealth. So to reduce these all effects few techniques are created. This includes some standard approach and it will help to send warning signal to operator if he/she falls asleep. In this project the aim is to check drowsiness at real time with new hybrid model concept. The warning signals are developed at the end of detection methodology. The detection process includes capturing of video of operator, pattern recognition in Labview. After that analysis of parametric values comparison of total results are made. Finally according to the value of parameters awareness signal is given to the operator.


Biological Signal, Drowsiness Level, Hybrid Approach, Sleepiness Scale.

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