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An Automated Fingerprint Authentication System (AFIS) Without Using Fingerprint Features

R. Vinothkanna, T. Pavitha


Biometrics is the science and technology of authentication by identifying the living individual’s physiological or behavioral attributes. Fingerprint identification is one of the most well known and published biometrics. Fingerprints have been used for identification for over a century, more recently becoming automated due to advancement in computing capabilities and their uniqueness and consistency over time and access control.In Pre-processing stage, notch filter is used for fast enhancement and found to be best. In traditional cryptographic systems, one or more keys are used to convert the plaintext (i.e. data to be encrypted) to cipher text (i.e. encrypted data). The encrypting key(s) maps the plain text to essentially a sequence of pseudo random bits (modern crypto algorithms are designed with this criteria), that can only be mapped back to the plain text using the appropriate decrypting key(s). Here, the plain text can be any data that needs to be stored or transmitted securely: financial transactions, E-mail communication, records, fingerprint images, secret cryptographic keys, etc. The proposed method has a excellent capability both in filtering effectiveness and efficiency.


Biometrics, Encryption, Feature Extraction, Filter, Fingerprints, Preprocessing

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