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Computer Locking Using Bluetooth Device Proximity

Sumanth Hegde, B. S. Sachin, H. L. Gururaj


Providing computer security using Bluetooth is a new type of security system where in a registered Bluetooth device itself acts as a key to the locked system. Nowadays, most common type of locking our computers is either with passwords or PINs. But these can be easily cracked by a professional attacker. In this security system, the computer doesn’t prompt for the password at all but requires Bluetooth in order to perform the locking and unlocking. Initially, the original user has to add his own Bluetooth smartphone device as registered/trusted device by pairing with them and he also has to set a password in the smartphone application in order to gain access to the system. The software automatically marks the MAC address of those smartphones as trusted. Next time when the computer boots up, this security system runs in the background and it checks for those registered devices. If any of those registered devices are present within the range of the computer, then the application in the smartphone prompts for the password and if the password is correct, computer is unlocked and the user has all access to the files in it. But if an unregistered Bluetooth device is found within the range of the computer, then the computer stays locked. This is done in order to increase the security as the computer stays locked in the presence of unregistered Bluetooth device. This software can be further locked with passwords, email integration etc. for more security.


Bluetooth, Range, Address, Pairing

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