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Keyword Based Testing of Windows Application

Sharma Tarun, Suruchi Kaur, Ashirwad Kasalkar Dhanjal, J N Swathi


Software testing is the fundamental strategy to guarantee quality and discovering bugs. Testing proven to be troublesome and time consuming assignment; Testing is regularly ineffectively performed and also is skipped by professionals. Web application testing might be significantly more troublesome, because of the characteristics of such applications. Automatization of tests procedures can help to avoid the complex testing part. The Objective of this proposition is to perform Automation testing for web applications utilizing Software Testing Tool "QTP (Quick Test Professional". Instead of giving various test functions to automate the keyword tests, we have summarized those test functions to excel spreadsheets to generate test records and in that, we are giving the procedures carried out for testing the keys of the webpages. Generate output results are promising and demonstrate the general outline of the framework.


Automation Testing, Test Procedures, QTP (Quick Test Professional), Software Testing, Test Records.

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Available: http://www. qa/uploads/2010/01/keyword-driventesting.pdf


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