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An Big Data Analytics and Moderations of Healthcare: Applications, Impacts, Challenges, Opportunities

S. Shalini, V. Sujatha


In today’s world, large volume of structured, unstructured, semi-structured data have implemented by various instruction.  Unstructured data are growing faster than the semi-structured and the structured data, This divergent data is referred as big data .Various big data analytical tools are maintained for handling the tremendous amount of data, in the sector of healthcare .In this paper it has been discussed about the analytics, modernization of various tools and impacts used in the system of Hadoop environment. It is a highly scalable platform for processing the large amount of structured and semi-structured data. Also about the conceptual architecture of big data analytics for the healthcare environment in which it involves the data collection history of various branches, electronic health records, and clinical decisions support system. This paper is basically helpful to understand the analytics of implementing the big data solution in the healthcare sector.


Bigdata, Healthcare, EHR, Hadoop System

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