An Enhanced Detection of White Matter Lesions in MRI Brain Images

M. Ishwarya Niranjana, M. Vignesh, R. Brindha, T. Saravanakumar


White Matter Lesions are small areas of dead cells found in the parts of the brain. In general it is difficult for medical experts accurately quantify the WMLs due to decreased contrast between White Matter (WM) and Grey Matter (GM) in MRI brain images. The main aim is to detect the White Matter Lesions present in MRI brain images which may result in memory loss or even death. This can be done by Fuzzy C-means Clustering (FCM) algorithm which is less sensitive to noise present at output and it detects false lesions also. To overcome this and to make detection more accurate Particle Swarm Optimization algorithm is used. PSO yields high sensitivity, specificity and overall accuracy over FCM.

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