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Biometrics-based Authentication and Network Security – A Survey Approach

S. Suganya, S. Suresh Kumar


All most all the real world application makes use of network communication. The security of multimedia information in general and the security of visual information in fastidious have increasingly become an issue of great concern in our networked society. Therefore it is necessary to improve the network security for secured communication among users of the network. Numerous techniques and methods are available to assure the network security. Most popular among the available techniques is the use of cryptography. The cryptographic key generation alone has some limitations. That there is a fear that the network user may forget their password and they may loss their key or it may be stolen. This usually led to the fact that the network of the user can be easily accessed by an illegitimate user. A solution to this problem can be derived using biometrics along with cryptographic key generation technique. There are several ways to combine biometrics with a cryptosystem, namely biometrics key release, biometrics key generation and biometrics key binding. These biocryptosystems make use of the advantages of both biometrics and cryptography.  This paper presents a survey on various techniques for biometric based authentication and network security. This paper discusses some of limitations of the earlier proposed techniques on biometric authentication and network security. Additionally, this paper also discusses some of the ideas to enhance the accuracy of the biometric authentication system and therefore the network security.


Authentication, Biometrics, Cryptography, Key Generation, Key Binding, Key Release, Network Security, and Passwords.

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