Vol 3, No 1 (2011)

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Table of Contents


ART-CPN Based Aircraft Navigation by GPS/INS Data Integration PDF
M. Malleswaran, Dr.V. Vaidehi, S. Angel Deborah 1-7
Neuro Fuzzy Based Vertical Handoff Decision Algorithm for Wireless Heterogeneous Networks PDF
J. Mary Anita, M. Malleswaran 8-14
Vehicle Class Identification under Cluttered Background Using Statistical Features and Correlation Technique PDF
Dr.B. Nagarajan, K. Sudha, V. Ramya 15-18
A Design of User Profile Based Image Re-Ranking Approach PDF
K. Beningston, K. Veningston, J. Jacob Durai Raj 19-24
Multiple Sub Ontology Frame Work for Comprehensive Video Database System PDF
Dr. Sunitha Abburu 25-30
Experimental Study and Review of Boosting Algorithms PDF
Harshita L. Patel, Amit P. Ganatra, C.K. Bhensdadia, Y.P. Kosta 31-41
To Improve the Classifier Accuracy on the Text Categorization Using Soft Computing Technique PDF
Pragya Tiwari, Illyas Khan 42-48
Comparative Study of Non Linear System Modeling Using Artificial Intelligent Techniques PDF
V. Kumar, R. Sathish 49-56
Off-Line Handwritten Character Recognition with Hidden Markov Models PDF
Dr.G.M. Nasira, P. Banumathi 57-61
Multi Criteria Decision Making by Fuzzy Logic Approach for JSP Problem PDF
R. Ramkumar, Dr.A. Tamilarasi 62-67
Planning, Scheduling and Optimizing Job Shop Scheduling Problem Using Genetic Algorithm PDF
P. Surekha, P.RA. Mohana Raajan, Dr.S. Sumathi 68-73
A Hybrid Technique Using PSO and GA to Solve Economic Dispatch Problem with Valve-Point Effect PDF
A. Parassuram, M. Karthick 74-78

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