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A.I. Based Home Doctor

Anuraj Deep, HS. Harshitha, Amratya Singh, R. Kuber, R. Paramesh


Artificial Intelligence (AI) will usher in a new age in medical research. However, currently existing AI systems do not interact with patients, such as for anamnesis, and are thus solely utilized by doctors to make diagnostic or prognosis predictions. These systems, on the other hand, are frequently utilized, for example, in illness or cancer prediction. We created an AI that can engage with a patient in the current study (virtual doctor) by employing a voice recognition and speech synthesis technology, and therefore communicate with the patient autonomously, which is especially essential in rural regions where access to basic medical care is severely limited. T2DM is a noninvasive sensor and deep neural network-based system. Furthermore, the method gives a simple-to-understand likelihood estimate for T2DM for a specific patient. Aside from AI development, we looked at young people's acceptance of AI in healthcare to predict the influence of such a system in the future.


Chatbot, Natural Language Processing, Med Bot, Disease Prediction.

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