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A Survey on Air Quality Sensing and Management System using IOT

Akanksha Kulshrestha, Alisha Goyal, Anusha kalra, Yogita Gigras


The level of pollution is increasing day by day by lot of factors such as population, increase in number of vehicles, industrialization and urbanization which results in harmful effect on human wellbeing by directly affecting health of population exposed to the pollution. This paper had a solution of monitoring the air and noise pollution levels in industrial environment. Technology used in this paper is internet of things. The main objective of this paper is to introduce air pollution monitoring system using internet of things and this technology is capable of detecting pollutants on roads and measure various types of pollutants in air. This paper also reports the status of air pollution in particular city along with the temperature. This system will provide a low cost solution and provides good results in controlling the air pollution especially in urban areas.

To control this harmful level of pollution there is urgent need to design a system for sensing the level of pollution region wise and provide appropriate measures to be taken at that particular level of pollution.


Internet of Things (IoT), CO Sensor, CO2 Sensor, Temperature and Humidity Sensor, Air Pollution, Arduino Microcontroller, Wi-fi Module , LCD Display, Android, PM levels.

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